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Unit 3 - Visual CommunicationInstructions and Procedures Assignment SheetASSIGNMENTFor this assignment, you will create a multi-modal technical communication presentation for conducting a specific tas

Unit 3 - Visual Communication

Instructions and Procedures Assignment Sheet


For this assignment, you will create a multi-modal technical communication presentation for conducting a specific task by writing and illustrating a set of instructions for that task, and using on-line presentation software (Youtube) to interpret it for an audience. 


1 - The instructions must be original, meaning you did not use another set of instructions (covering your task) as a reference. 

2 - Best practices for multi-modal instructions and procedures, as discussed in readings, videos, and class discussions have been followed.  

3 - The writing demonstrates an awareness of purpose, audience, context, scope, medium, tone, and style appropriate to the situation.

4 - The writing is concise, well organized, proofread, polished, and professional.

5 - Visually, the documents are professional and interesting.


- The text and visuals* of your presentation script and the actual instructions must be submitted as a document.

- Papers are to be hand delivered to me in class on TBA (see class schedule).

- The multi-modal instruction presentation will be submitted TBA (this will be either through CANVAS or as an email attachment, TBA)

- Presentations will be viewed on TBA (see class schedule).

*This might include photos, drawings, thumbnails, storyboards, etc. The point is that your reviewers (classmates) should be able to critique your use of images in terms of their rhetorical appropriateness and effectiveness. To do this, they must be able to “see” the images in the context of your instructional presentation.

The example in one of the videos is how to make a guy on a legos bike. If your instructions can be something of that quality/format, that would be great!!! My suggestion is to make the instructions about something you are already familiar with or fully know how to do.

Videos to watch from youtube:

Graphic design video for the visuals:

Writing effective steps:

Writing instructions and procedures:

Writing instructions:

How to write instructions:

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