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unit 5 db 5–7 paragraphs

Another important aspect of completing your research project is to effectively present the issue to any stakeholders involved or anyone with an interest in the chosen issue.

Write 3–4 paragraphs that address the following points:

  • Provide some tips that you plan to use for effectively presenting your research findings and proposed solution to your specific audience. 
  • How would you determine who your audience is?
  • What would you choose as your method of presentation (e.g., lecture format, informal question & answer session, hybrid of more than one method, etc.)? Explain why would you choose that method.
  • In your answer, be sure to share with your peers how you would present your research statement, and provide a rationale for choosing that method.

Suggestions for Responding to Peer Posts

  • Does the method of presentation make sense for the stakeholders that are involved with the student's issue?
  • What additional tips would you provide specific to the student's audience?
  • What devices or tools would you use to ensure that the audience becomes interested and invested?
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