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Unit Code: BSBPRO401 Unit TItle: Develop product knowledge BSBPRO401 Assessment:

Unit Code: BSBPRO401

Unit TItle: Develop product knowledge


Assessment: Product knowledge project

Task summary

This assessment task requires you to assume that you have been appointed as a sales representative for a company of your choice. As you are required to become familiar with the company's products and services in order to be ready for selling to customers, you are required to acquire detailed knowledge about the company's products and/or services and to use that knowledge to respond to a customer enquiry and to present information about the product and/or service to the customer.

For the company you choose, you will need to be able to identify a range of information sources about the company's products and services, including their web site with details of all products and services. You will also be required to review competitors' products and/or services.

Task Instructions

Complete the following activities:

1.            Conduct research

Identify a company that you are interested in and review the company's web site and their products and/or services. Select at least three products and/or services for further review. Make notes to use in your report.

Identify at least two other sources of information on the company's products and/or services, for example, customer feedback as expressed on social media or other formal product or service literature such as trade magazines, publications from industry associations or information from consumer advisories such as state fair trading departments.

As you identify each source, assess the validity and reliability of the information source you have identified, for example, is the content contained in the information source personal opinion or is it supported by facts, is the source trustworthy, is there the opportunity for personal gain and how current is the information source and so on. Make notes on this to include in your report.

2.            Prepare a report

For this part of the assessment task, you are required to prepare a short report about the three products and/or services that you have identified.

In the next part of the assessment, you will be required to present this information about one of these products or services to a customer (your assessor)in a telephone meeting.

Your report should include:

·        A description of the company you have chosen including a general overview of its products and/or services, as well as the location of the company.

·        List of sources of information you used to research the company's products and/or services (at least three including the company's web site) and outline your assessment of the validity and reliability of these sources.

·        For at least three of the company's products and/or services outline:

o   Product or service purpose/s and use/s

o   Key features of the product/s

o   Product strengths and weaknesses

·        An outline of the service guarantees and warranties applicable to the company's products or services, including the contact details of how to access service support and the service support that is provided as applicable.

·        Based on your review of the three products and/or services outline:

o   Features of the product that are most likely to appeal to buyers

o   Benefits to buyers of buying the product or service

·        A description of at least two direct competitors, including the name of the company and the products or services they provide and their location. Outline why this company is a competitor, as well as the general competitive nature of the industry.

·        List of sources of information you used to research the competitors' products and/or services.

·        Compare the features, benefits, strengths and weaknesses of competitors' products with your company's products and/or services, focussing on the three products and/or services you identified above.

When you have completed your report, send it to your assessor via email. Your assessor will review your report and provide a reply by email advising you of the date of the role-play telephone call and the role-play customer's needs in relation to one of the products or services you have researched.

Ensure you review this information prior to the meeting so that you can be sure you are presenting the information according to the customer's needs.

3.            Present product and/or service

The final part of this assessment requires you to assume that the customer has sent you an email enquiry about one of your products or services and that you are responding to their email with a phone call. The customer will be role-played by your assessor.

Based on the information provided regarding the customer's needs, outline the relevant product or service. Assume the following organisational procedures:

·        Ensure you introduce yourself, including your name and company name.

·        Be friendly and helpful at all times.

·        Ensure you abide by consumer legislation requirements by ensuring that all information is accurate and that statements in relation to competitors are accurate.

Use the information from your report to present to the buyer including an outline of:

·        A short overview of the range of products and/or services provided by the company

·        Key features of the recommended product/s, focussing on those that are most likely to appeal to the buyer

·        Benefits to the buyer of buying the product or service

·        How the recommended product or service stands out from competitors products or services

·        An outline of the service guarantees and warranties, as well as any service support applicable.

·        Outline the key provisions of relevant legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice that are relevant to the sales process.

During the meeting, you will need to demonstrate effective communication skills including:

·        Speaking clearly and concisely

·        Responding to questions

·        Active listening

Your assessor will ask you at least one question about the product or service which you must respond to.

4.            Follow up product/service discussion

The final part of this assessment task requires following up the enquiry assuming that the company's sales enquiry procedures requires to you send a follow up email to the customer within 48 hours.

As per company procedure, your email should briefly outline the product discussed, confirm the customer's needs and invite the customer to contact you for further information as required. Your email must be written in clear and concise English. 

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