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Unit IV Intercultural Management 2

  1. 1.       List four nonverbal characteristics of culture that you must understand when engaging in negotiations overseas.  Explain how an understanding of each characteristic will help you negotiate successfully.   (500 words or more)
  2. 2.       Describe the five stages of the negotiation process.  Explain how the negotiation can be unsuccessful if you leave out one of the steps.  (500 words or more)
  3. 3.       You are a business person noted for your ability to complete negotiations in the U.S. within 24 hours.  You have been sent to Mexico to negotiate a lucrative joint venture.  Discuss the decisions you will have to make and the strategies you will have to use in order to ensure a positive outcome.  (500 words or more)
  4. 4.       In the decision-making process, you must take into account several cultural variables. Describe one of the variables associated with risk tolerance and one of the variables associated with internal/external focus of control.  Why are these important factors to consider?  (500 words or more)

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