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UNIT V STUDY GUIDE Obstetrical Related Rates amp; Autopsy Rates Course Learning Outcomes for Unit V Upon completion of this unit, students should be...

I need help creating a PowerPoint Presentation, 7 to 10 slides, based on the Study Guide I have attached. Please make sure to include information about obstetrical-related rates and autopsy rates. How might the knowledge of these areas contribute to your future? How are they being used in healthcare today? Do you feel that this unit increased your overall expectations of statistics in health care? Please make sure to include detail and reasoning in your responses.

Add written explanation for the contents of your slides when necessary. You may use the PowerPoint slide notes function to provide brief explanations.

Visual emphasis such as bold, italicized, or underlined text, should be used sparingly in order to maximize the prominence of key points. Each slide should address a single concept, and slides should follow a logical progression, each building on the other

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