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US 101 Week 7 DQs

This work of US 101 Week 7 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following problems:

DQ 1: Review the Tips for Effective Studying on p. 133 of the text. What are two of the tips you find useful? Explain why. DQ 2: Review the tutorial, Using Multiple Intelligences to Enhance Studying and Learning, and answer the following questions: What tips for creating a study environment may be most effective for you? What might you do to make that study environment real for yourself? DQ 3: What techniques do you use to remember what you have studied? Review Studying to Understand and Remember on p. 134 of your text. Which of these techniques do you currently use? What techniques you would like to add to the list?DQ 4: Have you ever used mnemonics (see p. 139 of your text) to remember something complicated? If so, describe the techniques you used. What ways might you use mnemonics to be a more effective college student and adult learner?

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