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Use Raptor Flowchart Programming- link to free download - http://raptor.martincarlisle.

Use Raptor Flowchart Programming- link to free download - http://raptor.martincarlisle.com/

Activity Objective-  Demonstrate your analytical and problem-solving skills in analyzing a problem statement and providing your solution by developing a Raptor program that addresses those issues expressed in the problem statement.  

Activity Statement- Professor Kiri Wani is teaching Physics I at the University of New England. At the end of each exam, he submits a report to his supervisor sharing with him the outcome of the exam. Below is a table containing the names of those students who are enrolled in his class and the exam's scores which he held recently.

Design a Raptor Program that has two parallel arrays: a string array named people that contains the names of ten students, and another numeric array that contains their exams' scores. The program should produce a report showing the name of each student and his/her exam score, the name of the students who made the lowest exam score and his/her exam's score, the name of the student who made the highest exam score and the exams score his/her exam's score. The report should also include the average exam's score

Activity Instructions-

  1. Launch the Raptor Flowcharting Program and develop the code. Be sure to use arrays as the data structure as outlined in the problem.
  2. Run the program so that it is free of any syntax errors and any logical errors.
  3. Include appropriate comments.
  4. Save the solution as a .rap file
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