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Use this electric bill to answer the following questions except for D.

I.) Use the table above to determine which one of the following statements most accurately describes what would happen to you if this much current (your answer to H) passed through your body.

You wouldn't feel anything. Your body would have no noticable reaction. You would feel a slight tingling sensation.    You would feel a slight shock. Most people maintain muscular control. You would feel a painful shock, lose muscular control, and be unable to let go. You would experience extreme pain, stop breathing, and have severe muscle reactions. Death is possible. Your heart would cease its rhythmic pumping. Muscular contraction & nerve damage would occur. Death is likely. Your heart would stop. You would be burned severely. Death is probable.

J.) How much would it cost you if you left on all of your lights for 24 h? Express your answer in both dollars and cents.


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