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Using a brief case example with a presenting challenge (e.

Using a brief case example with a presenting challenge (e.g., physical punishment in an African American family or a Navajo mother raising her children who live with other relatives within her extended family system), identify two Idiosyncratic cultural values and discuss how you would use these in working at the Idiosyncratic level with your chosen cultural group.

From the cultural group’s story identify two idiosyncratic cultural values that are unique to the cultural group you are working with, and use these cultural values to intervene with regard to the identified presenting challenge. Your group will have to work a little harder at this level to come up with a brief case summary that clearly states your chosen presenting challenge and how you suggest resolving the issues at hand. For example, the Navajo mother’s case is normative since Navajo mothers have their own children live with, and are often raised by, other close or distant relatives even in cases of reported child abuse, and she may refuse to have their children move back under their roof as directed by child welfare authorities. Students need to brainstorm innovative approaches and may have to wrestle with some of the issues and factors listed in the cultural group’s assigned reading and under Q1's paragraph to decide how they will work out mutually agreeable solutions within the broader socio-political context (e.g., indigenous Indian rights to self-determination, etc.,) of the Navajo people, their tribe, and their culture.

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