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using Solidworks for this homework

Homework Deliverables (due at the beginning of class Monday (06/05)

Instructions: Create a SolidWorks part model of the wrench shown below. The dimensions are in millimeters. Use equations to and dimension choices to incorporate the following design intent. Note some of these might differ from the dimensions given on the figure.

·       Large end hex size equal to small end hex size + 5

·       Outer diameter of each end (at midplane) is equal to the hex size + 15

·       Distance from center of hex to end of straight handle equal to twice the hex size

·       Length of straight handle section = (larger hex size – 10) x 10

Create an engineering drawing with a design table. Show the variable dimensions as labels analogous to figure 5.149 (on page 183) in your text. Use auxiliary views (not sections) for wrench ends and a section view for the wrench handle. Include the dimensions for 20 mm, 30 mm, and 40 mm (large end) wrench configurations in the design table on your drawing.

Turn in the following to document your work:

·       A printout of your part drawing on B-size (11 x 17) paper.

·       Submit your drawing per instructor’s instruction.

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