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virtual orgnization case study 1000 words (use NAMSHI compant)

To use NAMSHI company for analysing 

Virtual Organization Management -CASE BASED STUDYNew fundamental requirements for competitiveness        How your selected Virtual Organization is able to meet this requirement of competitiveness? Explain in detail with examples.AgilityDistributivenessVirtualityIntegratibilityScalability and business alignmentEvolutionary capability3 Types of BM VE Tools  Give examples of Broker, Virtuality and Market of Resources from your selected Virtual Organization.BrokerVirtualityMarket of resourcesThree main requirements for Business Alignment in Agile/Virtual Enterprise Integration  How your selected Virtual Organization is doing to meet these business alignment requirements? Explain in detail.Market alignmentResources alignmentResources provider alignmentTechnical requirements to support the Market of Resources       How your selected Virtual Organization (VO) is meeting these Technical requirements to support Market of Resources? Explain with examples from your selected VO only.An information infrastructureAppropriate support mechanisms and tools for the supra infrastructureCoverage of the A/VE extended life cycleInformation and communication technology applications   How these ICT applications have been used in your selected VO? Write in detail.E-commerce and electronic businessElectronic marketplacesBrokerage and intermediation strategiesElectronic negotiationElectronic contractsTele-operationVariations of Electronic marketplaces   Which variation your Electronic Marketplace is focusing on and why?HorizontalVerticalBuyer centricSeller centricNeutral

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