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Visa para un sueño de Juan Luis Guerra LinkEran las cinco 'e la mañana Un seminarista, un obrero Con mil papeles de solvencia Que no les dan pa' ser sinceros Eran las siete 'e la mañana Y uno por uno

Visa for a dream by Juan Luis Guerra Link It was five in the morning A seminarian, a worker With a thousand papers of solvency That they do not give them to be honest It was seven in the morning And one by one to the slaughterhouse Well, each one has its price Looking for a visa for a dream Everyone (Lalalai) (Bairora pa laralai) (Lailarau) The sun burning their entrails A form of comfort With a two by four photo That melts into silence It was nine in the morning Santo Domingo, January 8 With the patience that runs out Well, there is no longer a visa for a dream Uh oh, no no no noi Looking for a cement and lime visa And on the asphalt, who will find me? Oh me me me (Looking for a visa for a dream) Looking for a visa, the reason for being Looking for a visa not to return Oh me me me me Yo yo yo yo (Looking for a visa for a ... Chapter 1 in Day to Day, talks about dynamic spaces. It presents us with different spaces in which we share with friends, family and co-workers. In this discussion I want you to write about the reasons why you or your family moved to the United States. The song 'Visa for a Dream' narrates the difficulties suffered by many people who want to leave their country of origin in search of the American dream.

Comment on this about your experience or that of your family. Then answer the following questions. What were the reasons that you or your family moved to the United States? How did they get to this country? What did they have to leave behind? What hopes did they have when they arrived in this country? How does life in your respective home country compare to this country? Do you follow the customs of your countries?

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