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Visit the CLub IT website. http://www/wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/produceCd-0470169001,descCd-relatedWebsites.html?

Visit the CLub IT website. http://www/wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/produceCd-0470169001,descCd-relatedWebsites.html?filter=TEXTBOOK for additional information about the business. CLick on STUDENT COMPANION SITE for the course text. Clcik on CLUB IT under the Browse by Resource tab on the left. CLick on CLUB IT. CLick on the links on the left to access different information about Club IT. Write a 700-900 word paper that addresses a preliminary analysis of the information technology situation of Club IT. Include functional areas and how they use information resources including administrative areas, customer services, and logistics. Be sure to include identification of their present use of administratve information systems (computerized of manuel), which help them accomplish their operations. Also, look at the computer technology infrastructure (computers, networks, databases, etc.) Once again please focus your attention in their PRESENT situation, and not on what could be installed in thee future (since that's a topic for a future paper) THat is, say nothing about what they may need, focus on what they have. Afterr all, this paper is a preliminary ananlysis of the situation-design will come later. TO determine their present use of information systems resources, you will have to read a bit between the lines of the Club IT description and deduce from that how they are using information systems. Please remember we can have paper-based, manuel information systems- not everything has to be computerized. THink about all the company arease and their FAIS(functional area information systems) that we discussed in DQ 1 in Week 1 and see how well or not those areas are covered in CLub IT. Those areas could be manufacturing, sales, marketing, purchasing, accounting, treasury, accounts receivable, accounts payable, quality assurance, plant maintenance, plant maintenance, inventory transportation logistics, human resources, etc. Obviously Club IT is not a manufacturing concern, but the administrative components should be somewhat like these. Analyze each of them and consider what is CLub IT doing about each of them with information systems. Use your imagination as well!! Consider that, all or nearby all companies, small or large, have such functional area components, whether they are all rolled yup into a single person or divided up into individual departments with a bunch of people. In a one person company, you still have accouting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and all that stuff, except that it's a single person doing it all. However, the components do exist. Club IT is a small company, but I'm pretty sure it has all those components in one way or another. Be sure to include the follwing section titles in your report (nothing more, nothing less) 1.) Club IT description (brief, not more than 10% of the total word count) 2.) Information technology infrastucture 3.) functional area informations systems Review the presentation about FAIS indicated in week 1. http://people.hofstra.edu/Laura_H_Lally/bcis401/ch07.ppt Format your paper in full compliance with APA guidelines (title page, headers, double spacing, and if you use references - in text sitations and a "References" list.

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