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W ORG 5000 Project 1

Throughout this course, you will reflect on the various aspects of your own leadership style. During this process, you will naturally uncover your strengths, areas of development, and topics you would like to explore further.   Your Personal Leadership Development Plan will be the one document in which you record your thoughts and ideas. This final project will include three section:  Section I: Who am I? Section II: What Moves Me? Section III: What is Next?   You will use the Personal Leadership Development Plan Template for this course project, which can be found using the link below:  Click here to access the Personal Leadership Development Plan Template.  You will turn in the same template in each unit by adding new information for that unit’s course project assignment, and making sure to add any updates to the previous unit’s submissions based on instructor feedback/recommendations.  Section I: Who am I?  During Unit I of this course, you had an opportunity to reflect on your leadership journey so far. Please note any important discoveries about yourself you would like to remember later in the course to include in your final project/Personal Leadership Development Plan.  The use of APA format for in-text citations and a reference listing in all assignments is required if you use quotes or paraphrases of content from your textbook or other source.  Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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