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Write 150 word response to the discussion below. Make sure to cite and reference to support answer. What do you think about the topic diccussed? What do you know about it? Do find the discussion topic interesting or not? Can you add some knowledge to the discussion?

The Affordable Care Act was to help the unstable health system the United States has. The article mentions how "terms are used interchangeably and often used in error".  Diversity in the health care refers to the provider work force and how providers reflects the diversity of patients served by gender, racial, ethnic, religious education.  A disparity describes the gab identified in health outcomes of minorities when they are compared with non minority.  Health literacy refers to the patient's  ability to obtain, process and understand health information. Cultural competency is delivering care in a manner that is respectful and sensitive to each patients.  The ACA  was  set to help every American understand and be able to communicate with their  providers eliminating the language barrier, because even native Americans understand to read, write at a eight grade level.  The purpose is to improve the quality of care.

Boone, S. (2011). A case for diversity, cultural competency and ending disparities in the 21st-century medical practice. Connecticut Medicine, 75(6), 345-346.

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