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WEB 238 Week 5 DQs

This archive file of WEB 238 Week 5 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following problems:

DQ 1: Find a site to share with us that provides good information about adding AJAX to a web site. Give us a link to the site and discuss 3 interesting pieces of information that you learned from the site.DQ 2: Provide a discussion question that you think would be a nice addition to this class. It can be a discussion question to be used in any of the 5 weeks. Please specify the question and what week you think it would be most appropriate for.DQ 3: As we come to the end of this class please share with us what you have found to be the most useful piece of information, skill or activity that you picked up as part of this class. Also, I am always looking for ways to make this a better class. I find that many of my best ideas come from people taking the class. What would you add or do differently if you were instructing the class?

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