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Wedge Inc. is planning to purchase $314,000 worth of 6year bonds issued by William Company, a publically traded company in Ontario, on January 1,...

Hello accountant

Please assist me with those two assignments. I completed %95 of them. On the first PDF file I just need you to check after my solution> However, I'm not sure about Part III and I left something in the last part. In the second word Doc everything is right except for two very small boxes I left blank. Very easy task, shouldn't take you long. Please notes S.T. stands for short term and L.T. stands for long term.

Kind Regards

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Part III.DATEDec 1.Dec 31Feb 28 LT InvestmentCash 5941459414 Interest ReceivableInterest Revenue 700 CashGain on saleLT Investment 59414586 700 60000
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