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Week 08 Professional Practice Activity

Update and Rewrite a Position (Job) Description


Upon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

  1. Know the purpose of a job description.

  2. Write a job description using the appropriate format and industry standards.

  3. Understand the importance of regular reviews and updates of job descriptions.


  1. Review course material on Job Descriptions found in this week’s PowerPoint titled "Human Resources Management."

  2. Skim through sample job descriptions in the packet, "Sample Position Descriptions."

  3. Review the Job Description for "HIM Administrative Assistant" below. (As you read, assume you are the Director of Health Information Management, and this is an old job description written by someone without knowledge or experience in job description writing). 

  4. Rewrite the job description for the HIM Administrative Assistant, using the appropriate format, headings, and style discussed in class.  The Human Resources Management PowerPoint has a list of all required headings. They are reprinted for you below after the job description. Create your new job description using Microsoft Word and submit to the drop dox below for evaluation.

List of Required Headings for Job Description

  • Facility name
  • Department
  • Position title
  • Supervisor or reports to
  • Job status and job grade/level
  • Hours/days of the week
  • Job summary
  • Job duties  **begin each with an action verb
  • Job specifications/qualifications
  • Physical requirements
  • Working conditions
  • Date written/revised


This activity will be evaluated for:

  1. Your ability to write a job description.

  2. Job description includes all of the required headings and matching information.

  3. Presentation of the job description - format, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Estimated Student Time for Activity:  2 hours

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