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Week 1

$25 for both DQ

MAT1000 DQ

"Statistics are Everywhere"

  • Statistics and probability are used in many different jobs and careers.  Visit the websites listed below.  Review the listed careers and select one. Learn how statistics and probability are used in that career and then come back and share.  Be sure to select a career which has not already been posted.  To help with this, be sure to include the career name you have selected in the subject line of your post.

    LEG100 DQ

    Please respond to the following:

    • Watch the following video which provides a look at how some businesses are stretching the law.
      • Top 10 Misleading Marketing Tactics (12:35)
    • Based on your own experiences, the video, or a news story, relate a time when you believe that the law affected a business. Describe the events, the law, and how the court did or should resolve your example. What sources of law would have created or solved the problem you described? Be sure to support your response with specifics from the reading.
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