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WEEK 1 part 1 online

Note: Throughout the course you will be using Practice Labs for hands-on experience. Before beginning the Practice Labs module, please review the following:

  • The Lab Diagram of the hardware you will use in this module uses a naming convention, a common practice in IT. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the naming convention to keep track of the hardware you are using. Here is a breakdown of the naming convention:
    • PLAB - Practice Labs
    • DC - Domain Controller
    • WIN7 - Windows 7
  • In this module, you will compare the OSI and TCP/IP network models and use the command line to test connectivity in a network. The lab is part of an A+ module that focuses on networking.
  • You will be required to capture screenshots of your screen at key steps in the lab. After you complete the step and verify that your output matches the screen in the instructions, press "Print Scrn" on your computer. This will capture your screen to the clipboard. If you open Microsoft® Word and "Paste," you will see the screenshot and can save for submission.

Complete the module "Networking" in the Practice Labs course "A+ Essentials and Practical Application."

Capture screenshots after completing the PING and TRACROUTE steps. Paste screenshots in a Word document.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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