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Week 2 Discussion 1 Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Abilities

Describe the cognitive and non-cognitive abilities relating to Emotional Intelligence. Provide an example of how you might use EQ in your daily life. Respond to at least two of your peers for this posting with suggestions that might work for them within their daily lives. 

AN SAMPLE RESPONSE FROM A FORMER STUDENT After reading about cognitive and non-cognitive abilities in relation to emotional intelligence, I gleaned that we need to recognize that cognition refers to the mental functions and results involved while gaining knowledge with the fullest degree of comprehension.  These functions include an individual having to think, remember, reach a solution to problems, and perhaps having to make judgments. Whereas non-cognitive abilities more or less include being persistent in trying to gain knowledge or learn how to develop one’s communication and interpersonal skills.

According to the text, “Emotional Intelligence reflects a person’s ability to detect and manage emotional cues and information” (Baack, 2012, Section 3.2). On a daily basis I observe myself and others’ ability to identify, determine the significance of value of ourselves and motivation while controlling our emotions at the same instance. This is my personal description of emotional intelligence.

Having passed 60 years of age, I have learned to apply my emotional intelligence to its fullest extent because of having worked with people of much diversity, because my job function required speaking with people in every city in the United States who wanted to advertise with AT&T.  When I was first assessed, I fell short on a few qualifications, however they were trivial and I was approved and given a period of improvement. I learned and improved tremendously over the next 25 years. 


Baack, D. (2012). Organizational behavior. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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