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week 3

LEG DQ $30

  • Review the news headline regarding exploding air bags and why legal personnel are saying this recall is different than most.
    • Video Report
  • Based on the news headline, outline and explain two (2) other types of torts a business may be liable for and explain why. (Do not use the video example as one of your own suggestions.) Then, explore some of the steps a company may take to avoid liability for the torts you discussed. Be sure to provide legal support for your analysis.

MAT ALEKS PIE to be worked on


From the e-Activity, select ten (10) states and calculate the mean and standard deviation for average insurance costs. Next, calculate the mean and standard deviation for average insurance costs for all 51 states. Compare and contrast the means and standard deviations for the ten (10) states you selected and all fifty one (51) states. Be sure that you select a unique set of ten states and that another classmate has not selected the same ten states as you

Make sure to use one of these facilitators please ask Prof requested.

This week's facilitators are Dale Allgood, Ebony Hair, Brittney Vawter Morales, and Jessica Watson.

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