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Week 3 Discussion

"North, South and West"

Please respond to the following in a post of at least 125 words. Please make a substantive comment (at least five sentences) to one (1) of your classmates.

Chapter 18 gives students a picture of the growing pains America endured in the process of westward expansion and the chapter gives students some insights into what settlers faced once they arrived in this country. After you watch the embedded video assess the push-pull factors that led immigrants to leave Europe and come to the United States. What types of lives did they live once they arrived? Be specific. Compare those factors to the ones that encouraged Lee Chew (see attached document) to leave China. After reviewing both the video and the article compare the reasons for immigration in the nineteenth century to those in the twenty-first century. 

 Link for video https://youtu.be/xdsMhL-juIc

  Lee Chew Doc.pdf (451.593 KB) 

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