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week 4

For our next speech analysis, we’ll take a look at a speech from Julian Treasure, a speaker for Ted Talk. In this speech he talks about speaking so that people want to listen. There is power in our vocal image!  

Evaluate the speaker’s presentation as if you were grading his effort. What do you notice about his posture? His language? What type of vocabulary and terminology are you hearing, that you don’t normally hear? What skills did Julian Treasure use from our article (25 Skills) from last week? What did he do well with and what could he have worked on? Pay special attention to the speaker’s vocal image. Refer to things from our lecture this week that relate to this speech. Lastly share why vocal image is important when giving a speech and do you feel the speaker had good or poor vocal image in this speech?

Please watch this short video, then share your thoughts and reactions in the discussion board.


In your initial post:

In approximately 150 words give your thoughts about this speech. Refer to things from our lecture this week that relate to this speech. If you find examples of a terrific speaker with vocal delivery share it! Examples are a great way to share knowledge with each other.

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