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Week 4 Assignment

Assignment Case Study Preparation This Assignment is linked to Week 5 Assignment !!!! Please On time, Plagiarism free, following the instructions I have provided in your e-mail.Research and select the journal articles you will use as sources for your Case Study. Prepare a two-page paper in APA format, that summarizes the articles and prepare an annotated bibliography.Hints for the Assignment1. Read the requirements for the final paper in Week 5. 2. Read the article that will be used for the case summary for the final paper for Week 5.3. Identify at least three (3) scholarly resources.4. Review the grading rubric for the assignment. 5. Review APA requirements for an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography should include the article reference information, provide a brief summary of the article and discuss how the article will support your case study paper. 

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