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week 4 of the project .4.0 Investment Analysis

4.0 Investment Analysis 

Briefly describe the NVP, IRR, accounting rate of return, and payback period for this analysis. Indicate the discount rate you used, and how you arrived at it.

4.1 Cash flows

Provide an Excel spreadsheet screenshot that shows how you arrive at the net cash flows for each period in your planning horizon and describe its highlights.

4.2 NPV Analysis

Provide a screenshot of your Excel NPV analysis here, and describe its highlights.

4.3 Rate of Return

Provide a screenshot of your IRR and accounting rate of return calculations here, and explain the highlights.

4.4 Payback Period

Provide a screenshot of your Excel calculation of the payback period for this venture.

A.       Deliverables: 

Complete Section 4.0:  Investment Analysis.  Also, provide calculations in MS Excel template tab 4.0 in the Budget Proposal Workbook.xlsx.

Add section 4.0 to the Budget Proposal Template.docx and save it as YourName_Project_WK4.docx.  Also add Section 4.0 to your Budget Proposal Workbook.xls and save it as YourName_Worksheet_WK4.xlsx and upload both files to the Week 4 Project Dropbox.  

Note I am in week 4 of the project , First 3 weeks word is done and attached , i need week 4 work section 4.0 and also provide Also add Section 4.0 to your Budget Proposal Workbook.xls 

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