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WEEK 6#3

Following the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11, the fire service has undergone a transformation in its response in order to avoid another disaster of this magnitude. For this case study assignment, you will need to describe the changes that the fire service has undergone in relation to building design and construction, and to the application of building and fire codes.

In your Case Study, please identify the following:

  •   Major changes: Identify the major changes, including the main reason for the transformation in this section.

  •   Additional solutions: This section evaluates additional potential solutions that have not yet occurred as a result of

    9/11. Often there is more than one solution, so it is useful to evaluate each potential solution in terms of its advantages and disadvantages.

    This will also assist in determining your recommendations.

 Recommendations: This section should outline your recommendations, based upon each of the potential solutions in comparison to the changes that have already occurred.

Include a reference page in APA format and be sure to use at least two resources from the CSU Online Library. Your assignment should meet the following guidelines:

  •   be a minimum of two pages (not including your reference page),

  •   be formatted using APA style, 

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