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Week 6 Discussion 2 Coaching and Mentoring

Differentiate between coaching and mentoring. Provide an example to support how either of the two was used successfully in your current or past work life. Respond to at least two of your peers for this posting. 

Coaching could best be described as the leadership of developing others through modeling successful behavior, instructing employees about the organizations values, and teaching how to set and achieve goals (Baack, 2012). 

Mentoring is about supporting, motivating, and influencing others to achieve.  In the book Becoming A Person of Influence, the authors talk about the power of mentoring when they state, “Mentoring is pouring your life into other people and helping them reach their potential.  Mentoring is so strong you can see the lives of the person you are influencing change” (Dornan & Maxwell, 1997, p. 8).

I view coaching as keeping people task oriented and driven to improve performance, while mentoring is about relationship and helping each other or another person achieve success in both the here-and-now and in the future.

Provide an example to support how either of the two was used successfully in your current or past work life

As someone that has enjoyed sports activities throughout my life, I have great admiration for many of the coaches that have helped to shape and mold me as a person.  Much of what I have learned on the playing field applies to everyday life, such as how to accept winning graciously and defeat with dignity.  Although it was sometimes difficult and grueling to accept what a coach was having you do at the time, such as running extra laps or executing a play over and over again, I reflect on it now and understand the character and discipline it built to help make me a successful adult.

In my adult life, as I have moved away from the athletic field I have turned to mentors for guidance.  I consider myself fortunate to have a number of people that I can talk with about professional experiences or personal challenges and gain their unbiased assistance to help me achieve in life.


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