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Dr.Nader Daee

Delete all blue text before submitting

·         Make sure the first sentence of every paragraph is indented

·         Make sure to use APA style in-text citations for your textbook.Be sure to include extensive research outside the textbook and also to cite the textbook correctly including page numbers.(Minimum of six scholarly references and corresponding in-text citation is required).

·         In eCollege see Course Home > Team Project for more information

Table of Contents

Enter topics and page numbers


Provide an overview of the leader including history and a biography. Explain why this leader was chosen.

Research Summary

Provide a summary by week of what your team reported. Feel free to update and edit the submitted reports as your team may have discovered additional information.. Use the "Research Summary" as the heading and then week by week use the following sub-headings as appropriate

Literature Review

Select three scholarly resources that you have used in this document and provide a report on each of the reference sources. You must give the reader an encapsulated review of what information you found most relevant to your research. Identify, discuss, and describe in detail significant agreement among your sources. The goal should be a paragraph containing a minimum of three to five sentences per review.


Apply the concepts from Chapter 12 and the scholarly articles from the literature review section to create a leadership profile of the subject of your team project and use each concept as a sub-heading.


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