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Week1 Assignment

Why Program Design is Important?

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is a program design?
  2. Why program design is important?
  3. What program design tools are available? Discuss in details by studying at least three program design tools and how they can help in better program design and C code?
  4. What happens if you don’t utilize program designing techniques in developing large C programs?

ASSIGNMENT EXPECTATIONS & REQUIREMENTS: Discuss your responses to questions posed in details with examples. Minimum of THREE pages with single space. Review and incorporate following assignment expectations. Include all of these expectations in to your responses for this assignment:

  • Title page (Not included in required page count of three pages single space)
  • References (Not included in required page count of three pages single space)
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion.

Furthermore, it is expected that your essay(s) & written Assignment responses should provide:

  1. Thoughtful and detailed responses with your analysis and real-life examples.
  2. Justification and defense of what you write with unbiased research based references & analysis.
  3. Diversification in references. Do not use Wikipedia.
  4. Established link, use and application of concepts learned from your textbook.
  5. Use of APA or MLA styles.
  6. Use of online library resource called EBSCO host to do your research.
  7. Submit your written work by the DUE DATE.
  8. Review your written work for spell checks etc. prior to your submission.
  9. Review the APA Resource section located on the left hand side of the course when writing your essays.
  10. Note: Students are required to use course textbook so concepts and ideas should come from text along with other unbiased research based sources. This is what we call adding, linking and applying of concepts from your text/unbiased research resources into responses. This strategy also helps provides thoughtful, detailed and educated responses. Personal opinions are ok as long as the evidence is authentic and from an unbiased research-based source.
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