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War and Peace" Please respond to the following:

  • Based on the Webtext materials and article below, address the following:
  • Discuss the in which an armed conflict can affect a developing economy and analyze the reasons why developed nations do not experience the same kinds of social upheaval.   Note: Consider discussing a country you will use for the written assignment in week 7.
  • HSA DQ-1

    "Strategy and Market Planning"  Please respond to the following:

    • Analyze the steps involved in building a strategic plan for a health care organization and determine which step is the most difficult to get execute correctly. Explain your rationale.
    • Analyze the SWOT and FIVE Factors Analyses and determine which would be more valuable from a marketing perspective. Provide specific examples of how you could use the results of either analysis to support informed marketing efforts.

    HSA DQ-2

    "How Health Care Buyers Make Choices"  Please respond to the following:

    • Recall a situation in which you sought health care of some type (not including care for an injury or illness). Determine if your situation followed the five steps of the buying decision model and what role marketing may have played in your seeking care. Provide specific examples to support your response.
    • Analyze the stages of the organizational buying process and determine which stage would be impacted the most by effective marketing. Explain your rationale.
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