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Week6 DQ 1 & 2

Week Six, DQ #1: Control Approaches and Theory

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Assume you are the CEO of the Integrated Technology Company (ITC) which currently employs 75 employees and provides accounting software, as well as information systems software and consulting services for small-to-medium sized companies in the construction industry across the country. Based on your reading of the assigned chapters in Bateman and Snell, and articles (Simons and Control theory brief), what would you regard as the three most important principles (express each as a single complete sentence) in developing a control system for your organization. Give a rationale for each principle. Next, briefly state how you would use these principles to design a control system for ITC. Assume that ITC was a very small company for many years, but it has grown significantly during the last three years as the business has been successful. As CEO, you now believe more attention needs to be given to organizational control.

Week Six, DQ #2: Budgets and Financial Control

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Think about your own experience within organizational bureaucracies. Give an example from this experience of one successful approach using financial and budget control strategies, and one disaster (bad experience) with financial and budget control strategies. Conclude with a brief summary of why one was successful and the other not. Be sure to use the ideas and language of the text and readings to support your description.

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