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GlowScript 1.1 VPython# Written by Ruth Chabay, licensed under Creative Commons 4.0.# All uses permitted, but you must not claim that you wrote it, and# you must include this license information in any copies you make.# For details see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0## 2003-03-18## Semi-classical visualization of quantum oscillator.scene.width = scene.height = 700scene.background = color.whitescene.foreground = color.blackscene.title="Quantum Oscillator"def U(s): Us = 0.5*ks*s**2 return UsL0 = 10U0 = -10dU = 2m1 = sphere(pos=vector(-L0,0.5*5**2,0), radius=0.5, color=color.red)m2 = sphere(pos=vector(0,0.5*5**2,0), radius=0.5, color=color.cyan)m1.mass = 0.025 ## 14*1.7e-27 m2.mass = 0.025 ## 14*1.7e-27 ks = 1.2 omega = sqrt(ks/m2.mass)spring = helix(pos=m1.pos, axis=(m2.pos-m1.pos), radius=0.40, coils=10, thickness=0.2, color=vector(.7,.5,0))well=curve(radius=0.2, color=color.gray(.7))for xx in arange(-5.8, 5.3, 0.1): well.append(pos=vector(xx, .5*ks*xx**2+U0, 0))well.append(pos=vector(8,.5*ks*5.2**2+U0,0))vline1=cylinder(pos=vector(-5,m1.pos.y-dU,0), axis=vector(0,2*dU,0), radius=0.05, color=color.gray(.6), visible=False)vline2=cylinder(pos=vector(5,m1.pos.y-dU,0), axis=vector(0,2*dU,0), radius=0.05, color=color.gray(.6), visible=False)s = """Semiclassical model of quantum oscillator.Click on an energy level to put the oscillator into that state."""label(pos=vector(0, U0-dU, 0), text=s, color=color.black, box=0)levels = []for Ux in arange(0.5*dU, 7.51*dU, dU): s = sqrt(2*Ux/ks) l1 = cylinder(radius=0.2, pos=vector(-s, Ux+U0, 0), axis=vector(2*s,0,0), color=color.white) levels.append(l1)scene.center = vector(0,U0+5*dU,0)scene.range = 15t = 0.0dt = 0.003oldlvl = Nonelvl = NoneRUN = Falseclicked = Falsedef getclick(): global clicked clicked = Truescene.bind('click', getclick)while True: rate(200) if clicked: clicked = False a = scene.mouse.pick if a in levels: oldlvl = lvl lvl = a lvl.color=color.red if oldlvl is not None: oldlvl.color = color.white Ampl = abs(lvl.pos.x) vline1.visible = vline2.visible = True vline1.pos.x = lvl.pos.x vline2.pos.x = lvl.pos.x+lvl.axis.x RUN = True else: continue elif RUN: m2.pos = vector(Ampl*cos(omega*t),m2.pos.y,m2.pos.z) spring.pos = m1.pos spring.axis = m2.pos-m1.pos t = t+dt
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