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What Can We Do?

300 words for forum.

How do Wink's ideas about privilege and power compare to Johnson's, Ehrenreich's, and Bader-Saye's ideas? [This question casts a wide net; please feel free to write about the ideas in which  you are most interested.]  How are they different?  How might you integrate Bader-Saye's ideas about the risks of hospitality, generosity and peacemaking with Wink’s theology of social transformation [as represented in his quotation above]?  How might you use the experiences/stories of the people we have read about/viewed/listened to this semester including all of the following:

  • the women in Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed, 
  • the characters from your Multicultural Children's Picture Book
  • the characters from Hotel Rwanda, Come See the Paradise and El Norte
  • the characters in If These Walls Could Talk 2
  • The Girls Next Door

In your posting please use these stories to illustrate Wink’s view of the connection between social transformation and our commitment to the general welfare--regardless of our social location.  Post three questions about how Nickel and Dimed and Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear deal with the focus of this forum and respond to  at least four other questions posted by the other members of your cohort.

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