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what could have gone wrong

Use what you have learned in the Sampling session (session 5) and in the Survey sessions (sessions 7-9), analyze the possible reasons why the outcome of the 2016 presidential election was drastically different from what most institutes and media had predicted in pre-election polls. In other words, what could have gone wrong in those polls? 


 1. There could be multiple reasons. Clearly link each reason to the specific content in the lecture slides or the textbook. You may make reasonable assumptions. 

 2. You may discuss the characters of the voters (with respect) if it is closely relevant to your assumptions, but in no case should you comment on the two candidates themselves. An assignment will receive ZERO if any of the following aspects are discussed even for just one sentence:

 A) Why Trump is elected

 B) Why you think Trump should or should not be elected

 C) Whether you like or dislike the fact that Trump is elected

 3. Word limit: 400 words. One grade penalty (high pass -> pass; pass -> fail) for exceeding this word limit. 

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