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What is a geyser and how are they produced?

Geysers are hot springs from which a column of hot water and steam is explosively discharged at intervals, spouting in some cases of heights of over 100 m. Geysers are considered natural phenomena -- they can spew boiling hot water by thousands of gallons that reach several hundred feet in height, as the Earth’s surface periodically goes into eruption. Geysers are formed as an outlet for the pressure build-up underneath the Earth’s crust, we should also make it clear that geysers do not just erupt at will or at random places. The steam pressure has to reach groundwater level and get trapped between the ground surface and the Earth’s layers. There are fissures or narrow shafts existing in between the Earth’s layers, and these fissures will serve like exhaust systems to release the pressures of hot steam. Meanwhile, the water reservoir underneath the groundwater surface and layers of land will reach its boiling hot stage as it comes in contact with the hot rocks. The heat and steam pressure created will escapes the heat reaches groundwater, the latter will also boil creating more heat and steam pressure but is already trapped just below the Earth’s crust. Due to this, pressures of great magnitude build up, and can only find release once the amount of pressure is great enough to create ground eruption. Once eruption takes place, the trapped steam pressure will spew several thousands of gallons of boiling hot water, thrusting it many hundreds of feet above the ground.e through the fissures until it reaches the groundwater level.

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