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What is the bond polarity of CH4?

The determination of Bond Polarity is done in 2 steps.

  1. Using values to determine whether the bond is polar or non-polar.
  2. If the bond is polar, the distribution on the molecule is determined by studying the structure/geometry of the molecule.

  3. Point to remember: Electronegativity is the tendency of an atom to pull an electron pair towards itself.

Let's apply the first step to CH4.

The electronegativity of Carbon is 2.55 The electronegativity of Hydrogen is 2.20

Electronegativity difference between C and H = 2.55-2.20= 0.35

(The electronegativity difference ranging from 0.0 - 0.5 is considered to be negligible. Thus, non-polar.)

Conclusion: CH4 is a non-polar molecular, due to negligible electronegativity difference which means no dipoles(partially positive & partially negative) are created on the molecule, keeping the molecule to be non-polar.

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