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What is the Command Economy?What is the Market Economy?Describe the Soviet Economy (3).Describe two major reforms from the Perestroika era.What did Perestroika do to the economy?What was Shock Therapy

  1. What is the Command Economy?
  2. What is the Market Economy?
  3. Describe the Soviet Economy (3).
  4. Describe two major reforms from the Perestroika era.
  5. What did Perestroika do to the economy?
  6. What was Shock Therapy? (3)
  7. What is a voucher?
  8. Name the two ways that State industry was privatized in October 1992.
  9. What were the results of this privatization?
  10. What did most people do with their vouchers?
  11. How did the former bosses get a big piece of Russia?
  12. Name two costs of the efforts at fixing the Russian economy?
  13. How did the Russians survive this period?
  14. What happened on August 17th, 1998?
  15. What were the results of this crisis?
  16. Why do the Russians say that the August Crisis has a silver lining?

Economy Revisted

  1. Why is it important that after the crisis the government began to be run by professional political managers?
  2. Name 3 positive things that happened as a result of the August 1998 Crisis.

From the CIA Factbook: CIA_Russia 

  1. What is the estimated GDP per capita (per person) last year?
  2. . What is the Russian currency?   

  3.   What are Russia's primary export commodities?

  4. What is the number one import commodity? 

From "Managing Russia After the Crisis"

1. Why does Odd Per Brekk suggest that the Russian economy will recovery slowly after the 2009 world economic crisis?

From the 2018 OECD Economic Forecast for Russia

1. According to the OECD, is Russia's GDP expected to grow in 2018 and 2019?

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