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What is the difference between accuracy & precision? a. An example on a measurement that is accurate but not precise b. An example on a measurement that is precise but not accurate.

Accuracy is how close to "right" something is. Precision is how consistent it is.

A good analogy for this is a dartboard. If you throw it all close to the same place, but not near the bullseye it is precise. If you throw them all in random places, but close to the bullseye it is accurate. a. Say you measure 10 mL of water and get 10 mL. Then some spills and you measure 8.5 mL. These measurements aren't the same, but they are the right measurements. b. say you measure the water 3 times and you get 4.5 mL, 4.894 mL, and 4.3005 mL. This isn't nearly as close to 10 mL, but they are close together

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