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What is the time in New York City when it is noon in Denver?

2 PM

Between East Coast and West Coast, there are four time zones, with 1 hour spacing, for the local standard times..

New York is in the east. Denver of Colorado is in the western-middle, and is the third from the East. So, the relative New York time is +2 = 14 hours or 2 PM. This is State-made difference, for convenience..

For the natural longitude-based-precision, the spacing is 1 hour / ##15^o##.

New York longitude is ##74^0 W## and for Denver it is ##105^o## W. So, the difference is ##+ 31^o## and, therefore, the natural time difference is 31/15 = + 2h 4 min, nearly.

Foe western Colorado this will be more and for the eastern Colorado, it is less.

All these are important to understand different sunrise/sunset timings, in the same time zone.

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