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What to do after passing Class 12th?  So you are hopeful that you are going to pass your class 12th and now searching for the options after that. It is a quite idealist thing to do, but only the ide

What to do after passing Class 12th?

So you are hopeful that you are going to pass your class 12th and now searching for the options after that. It is a quite idealist thing to do, but only the idealists have achieved impossible. That is why before anyone would make a fun of you, let me help you in your search.

It is a sensible thing that a student who has just passed his 12th class is now searching for the next options to make his career. For the students like this, it is better to develop some professional skills first instead of just jumping on to make money. That is why in the next lines of this article I am going to help you by listing some of the best professional study programs or in short degree programs which can enlighten your career.


This section of this post is for those who want to make their careers in commerce related field. Commerce has always been the most demanding field of every era. No matter what size of the company is, the first person that comes to their mind for hiring is someone who can balance the sheets for them. However, the field of commerce is expanding with the world’s economic needs. Following are the most demanding commerce fields or degree programs which you can choose after class 12th.

•    Chartered Accountant (CA): one of the most decorated commerce related field. The job role of CA certified is to audit company’s books, stock brokers and income tax assesses. CA controlled by private bodies and it also doesn’t ask for any specific past academic requirements that is why it is one of those commerce related fields which gets most number of enrollments every year.

•    Company Secretary (CS): the company secretary is the post which has to meet company’s statutory obligations. Any student regardless of his marks or grades in the class 12th can apply for this course and become the part of it.

•    Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): this is another course for those who love commerce. A CFA certified person is responsible for managing financial accounting, management accounting, financial management, investment management, security evaluation, project planning and almost every other financial aspect.

Medical Science:

It is the dream of millions to become a doctor. Out of those million dreams, only a few become a reality which disheartens many people. However, there are other medical related fields through which you can make your dreams come true to some extent.

•    Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS): you may not be called as a doctor, but you will still be curing people. BDS is a dentist or dental surgeon. Duration of this degree program is five years with an internship with some great scope.

•    Bachelor in Veterinary Sciences (BVS): if you are a class 12th pass and love animals, then you can find a career in it too. Veterinary Sciences is all about animals and diseases related to them. This course takes almost 4 ½ years with a practical internship.

•    Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm): with just four years of period spending in this degree program, you can learn all knowledge of medicines and chemicals involved in it as a doctor. With this degree in hand, you can start your career in drug research and pharmaceutical companies.

•    Bachelor in Nursing: this is four years long course which will teach you about healthcare, medicine dispensing and caring of ailing patients. After numerous assignments, internships, home jobs and writing a dissertation in the end with dissertation help, you will be able to get a job in all top hospitals of the country.


Undoubtedly, the most common choice of every student after passing class 12th. Engineering is one of those fields of study which have an ample number of career options. If you have passed out your class 12 with physics, chemistry, and mathematics, you have every chance to pursue your career in engineering. Following are some of the subfields of engineering which have the most number of enrollments.

•    Bachelors in Civil Engineering: not just in engineering, but this degree program gets the most number of enrollments every year. One of the most common and always in demanded education, civil engineering is the go-to option of every class 12th pass out a student who wants to be an engineer.

•    Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering: after Civil, mechanical engineering is another engineering related field with full scope in future. Every company or factory which manufacture something needs mechanical engineers to keep a good care of their machines. Those who used to love physics in class 12 should make this degree program as their way forward.

•    Bachelors in Electrical Engineering: another professional engineering discipline which deals with the study of electric applications particularly. Just like mechanical engineers, every goods manufacturing company need electrical engineers especially power generation companies to keep their workflow smooth and productive.

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