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what would be a good response to this?

what would be a good response to this?

It is not surprising that the English version that has been in history books differs greatly from the Mattaponi tribal version of the Pocahontas story. History has shown that the victors or the group that became the governing force writes history that generally shows them in a favorable light. The English would hardly want to write about their very immoral and often times illegal truth of incident or conflict. It still happens today! Just look at radical regimes like North Korea and ISS; granted they are extreme examples. In this country we question at times what the real facts are of a story. For example, any of the resent controversies with the Clintons' or President Trump and the Russians, who or what should is the truth?

I would in this case have to believe that Mattaponi version of the story is a more accurate interpretation of the story. I say this simply because everything is subject to one's perception. Though, I full heartily believe the Mattaponi version of the story to be more historically accurate; I also am not blind to the fact they too would also imprint their own perception onto the story.  

Here is another reason to believe the Mattaponi version over the English version; Wahunsenaca (Pocahontas' father) truly liked Smith, and would make werowance (the English representative in Powhatan nation), making him a member of Powhatan society by Smith's own admission (Gallagher). The Powhatan would not want to kill someone that they consider a member of their society. Another fact is that at this time Pocahontas was a child and as such would not be permitted into the werowance ceremony to which is when Smith claims Pocahontas saved his life (Gallagher). Powhatan children were taught respect and obedience to their cultural rules (Gallagher).   

The fact is that the Mattaponi Sacred Oral History contradicts almost everything in the English version of the Pocahontas story, to include how Pocahontas died. The Mattaponi Sacred Oral History state that she was poisoned to keep her from informing her father of Smith's and the English's deceptions (Gallagher); while, the English version states that she fell ill and died in England. The English also were interested in staying and expanding their control of the land in order to gain more profits. Their number one reason to be the Virginia region was to make money and as much as fast as possible. If they could gain the upper hand by controlling the leader of the Powhatan nation then they were willing to do so to reach their goals.

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