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Where in a multicellular animal does meiosis occur?

Meiosis is a cellular process by which gametic cells (sperm and eggs) propagate with increased genetic diversity.

Meiosis involves the formation of four haploid cells (half chromosome number) by the replication of one diploid cell (full chromosome number). The process of meiosis is fundamentally different from mitosis (and thus fundamentally important). Mitosis involves the replication of somatic (body) cells into two identical cells. These cells go on to make bodily repairs, increase corporeal mass, and expand energy potential in the body.

Meiosis allows gametes to be diverse (every cell is not a clone of the parent cell). Without meiosis, we would be almost identical to one another in many respects.

Since meiosis is involved with gametes, areas that synthesize gametes are likely to display meiosis. These organs are the testes in males and ovaries in females.

Both of these organs use the meiotic process to create gametic cells.

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