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Essay #4 – MLA Citation

Due: Monday, 17 July 2017 by 1:59 P.M.

This is a 4-5 paragraph*** Essay Assignment in which you will be a revision of Essay #3 and citing 2-3 sources; give yourself enough time to complete the Writing Process.

*** Because this a Departmental required essay, you must have certain criteria. These are identified at the end of this assignment.***

Topic:  You will be using Essay #3 (attached)– Causal Analysis as your starting point. If you did not complete this essay, you can still do Essay #4, but you will not have the added benefit of your essay having been commented on and graded. Just go back and review what the directions were for Essay #3.

Prewrite: You might need to do some prewriting or outlining based on the comments that were provided on the initial essay. If you had poor examples or focus on the causes or effects, prewriting or outlining some ideas will help you gather your thoughts together so that you can add to those paragraphs. If you want to finesse some details or you don’t like a particular section of your essay, you have the ability to change it! You are not locked into using everything exactly as it was in the first submission. This is merely a starting point.

Draft: If you completed Essay #3, you have one draft of this essay already, but you might need to draft new body paragraphs or having reviewed your conclusion, you might decide you could write a better conclusion paragraph. Draft whatever part of the essay you might need to. Remember, your draft should be 4-5 paragraphs and approximately 600-800 words. You must have an explicit thesis statement. Your body paragraphs must have clear topic sentences. I expect your paragraphs to be well-developed (11-15 sentences per body paragraph). Add coherence with transition words (you may have multiple drafts, and that is okay). Your argument needs to be supported by appropriate evidence gathered from your own experience and from common knowledge. Provide a title. Consider your counterargument.

MLA Portion: In addition to the standard development within your essay, you must have at least one direct quote and one paraphrase from at least two articles (you may have more quotes and/or more paraphrases, but there must be at least one quote and one paraphrase, and you must use two different articles). Remember, you have two articles from the summary assignment. Use these to your advantage to improve and enrich what you have already written.

The quote(s) and paraphrase(s) should have introductory phrases and must be cited correctly within the essay as well as on the Works Cited page. The Works Cited should have at least two citations since you must use two different articles and should be presented in alphabetical order, not the order they appear in your essay. Remember the Works Cited page is a separate page at the end of the essay (you do this by hitting enter at the end of your essay, clicking insert Page Break, centering the words Works Cited, hitting enter, clicking left align, and beginning your citations).

Revise: The entire essay is a revision of the previous, but as you begin to alter, add, and take away certain parts of the previous essay, you want to make sure your essay still works. Keep your audience in mind.  What does the reader need to know?  Control your ethos. Think about your transitions and introductory phrases for your quote and paraphrase. Review ALL the previous work you have submitted and recognize the errors you have been making this semester. Analyze your essay by consulting the Rubric.

Proofread: Use an appropriate level of formality and a reasonable tone. Read the essay out loud. Think about word choices, vague phrases, and spelling problems. Check your grammar carefully. Visit the Writing Center.  Review all of the departmental requirements noted at the end of this assignment page and double check that you have in fact done these.

Typed Final: Make sure your Essay #4 has the proper heading according to MLA standards, that you used Times New Roman and 12 point font, that your margins are 1 inch, and that you have double spaced, paginated, indented, and aligned correctly.  Use the directions on Canvas.  You will have a works cited page – it is an entirely separate page within the document, so do not tack it on to the bottom of your typed draft (when you are done typing your draft, click Insert then “Page Break” or “New Page”). Save your paper as an RTF, and name the file with your last name, your first name, and the assignment name.  For example, YourNameEssayFour.

Submit: Your essay must be saved as an RTF and submitted to Canvas.  Your essay must be submitted to the assignment link and the VeriCite link.

Please Note: In order to receive full credit, your final draft must be submitted by 17 July 2017 at 10:00 A.M.

In addition, if your assignment is not saved as an RTF, I will not be able to open it and you will automatically lose points because you will not have completed the assignment correctly.

This assignment is worth 700 points.

***Departmental Requirements:

·         The essay must be 600-800 words in length (the words in your Works Cited page and heading do not count). 

·         The paper must have an explicit thesis statement and precise topic sentences.

·         Support points using evidence from the articles. 

·         The paper must be typed and submitted to Canvas as well as VeriCite. 

·         You may also use personal experience and your own knowledge to support your points.  

·         Use an appropriate level of formality, and use a reasonable tone.   

·         This paper should be a synthesis of information from the sources and your own inferences, comments, and conclusions.   You should not be overly reliant on any one source, nor should your paper be a patchwork of information from the sources.

Sources must be documented using MLA-style parenthetical references and works cited page. The works cited page should include only those sources actually cited

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