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Module 3 Assignment (30 possible points)

Part A (12 possible points)

Recall the continuum of social responsibility we discussed in class. The continuum we discussed contains 4 points along the way:

      Traditional Approach to Social Responsibility

      Social Obligation

      Social Responsiveness

      Pure Social Responsibility

I want you to research TWO major companies or organizations that you can think of place them on the continuum. Choose TWO companies with different approaches to social responsibility so they will fall at two different places on the continuum. Be sure to give me enough detail/support for your answers sharing 3-4 examples of their social responsibility activities and why you placed them where you did on the continuum. Also give me your CITES/URLS for the information about the companies and examples of their social responsibility efforts.

Part B (18 possible points)

Stakeholder Perspective

I have assigned a company to you based on your last name to use for this question. See below:

       A-C      Verizon                           N-Q             Hershey

       D-F       International Paper         R-S             Pepsico

       G-J       Amazon                          T-W             Comcast

       K-M     Google                            X-Z             Facebook                                    

Your company: ________________________________

(1)   Identify five primary stakeholders for your assigned company and give an example of a concern or interest that each stakeholder has in the company (5 pts).  For example, students are a primary stakeholder in MTSU and have an interest in the amount of tuition MTSU charges each student.

(2)   Name at least two secondary stakeholders and give an example of a concern or interest that EACH has in the company (2 pts). The residents on Main Street are a secondary stakeholder of MTSU. They have an interest in MTSU’s plan to expand geographically because of the impact on the historical nature of Main Street and their property values.

(3)   After conducting 10-15 minutes of research about your company online, briefly discuss a potential ethical issue or situation for this company.  You need to explain the issue, give sources for your issue, then given enough explanation/support to properly analyze the issue from the viewpoint of three primary stakeholders you identified in part (1). (8 pts)

(4)   What is the most ethical approach for the company to take? Why? (3 pts)

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