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Why is BDA regarded as a business strategy in the eyes of the authors?

  1. Why is BDA regarded as a business strategy in the eyes of the authors? Please use the classic VRIO framework to examine BDA as a strategic resource (10 Points).
  2. Please describe briefly in your own words the conceptual framework of value creation by BDA (the model figure is on page 398 of the article) (10 Points)
  3. Please find out how BDA is being used in your organization to improve the business. Then case as short as any of the five cases in the article to illustrate whether the conceptual framework proves to be valid in your case (10 Points). OrĀ 
  4. If BDA is not practiced in your workplace yet, based on reading the article do you think BDA can create any strategic value if it is adopted? How BDA should be adopted at your workplace?
  5. One way to examine BDA is to look at the challenges facing companies in creating strategic value. Please identify major problems associated with creating and realizing strategic value of BDA in the organization you investigated and create two research questions around these problems by following the relevant example(s) given in the article (10 Points). For example, if the problems are related to BDA assessment, one of your question could be "what are the tangible sources of value that can be realized through BDA?"
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