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Why the US is not going to be converting to the IFRS

On December 31, 2015, Ms.Levine, CPA, the Treasurer of the US Division of the pharmaceutical company, Meeack Corp., and your manager.  Ms.Levine just finfshed acquiring the UK drug company of Zulu LLP, and , after utilizing her knowledge of the IFRS, realized the FASB and IASB designed a road map for conversion by 2015. she would like to know the reasons why the US is not going to be converting  to the IFRS.


found at Attachments (Final Staff Report.PDF), take a position and then argue and support for your manager at least three reasons why you believe or do not believe that the SEC is correct in its position to delay convergence.

6 pages in addition to title and reference pages. two peer-reviewed sources in addition to the required reading for the module

You Tubes will help:

1. FASB vs. IASB Proposals: Can't We "ALLL" Just Get Along?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXYbDD6p8Xk 2. Deadline for GAAP/IFRS Convergence pushed back. YouTube directly after SEC report was issued.https://www.sec.gov/spotlight/globalaccountingstandards/ifrs-work-plan-final-report.pdf

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