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Windows 8.1 Tutorial Windows Defender in Windows 8.1 Microsoft Training Lesson 9.5 Windows 10 :

After watching the three videos above, complete the following:

Lab 2 -

This lab must be done on a machine with a administrative userid, such as your home machine or laptop. You will not see all the necessary screens when using an id that does not have the proper security levels.

As shown in the videos, on a Windows 8 or Windows 10 system, open up Windows Defender and determine if all or part of Windows Defender is securing the machine. Take a screen print (see below) of the main page of Windows Defender and paste it into a word document.

If you are using your personal machine, consider making changes to increase security of your machine.

Answer the following questions and place the answers in the word document.

A. Is this machine secured by Windows Defender? If not, why not? Hint: What software is securing this machine.

B. Is any part of Windows Defender securing this machine? If so, what parts are secured by Windows Defender?

2. Go to the search box for the window environment, and enter "security and networks".

Open up Security and Networking.

Hit the drop down arrow for security (if the security settings are not displayed).

You should see a page that shows what items have security 'on' or 'ok'.

Take a screen shot of this page and add it to the word document.

Answer the following question in your word document.

C. Is everything properly secured? If not, which item(s) were not secured?

3. Go back to the search box and enter "windows firewall".

Select "Windows Firewall with advanced security.

Take a screen shot of the firewall settings. Add this screen shot to your word document.

Answer the following questions, place the answers in your word document.

D. Are all settings secured by Windows Firewall? If not why? Hint: What other software is protecting the machine.

E. Are there any items that need to be secured? If so, what items.

If this is your machine, consider making changes to your machine.

Place your name at the top of your word document and save it as "lab2". Drop the document in the drop box before the due date.

*** To take a screen print hold the ctrl key (bottom left of your keyboard) and the prntscrn key (upper right of keyboard) at the same time. Then paste the picture into your word document.

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