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WK 1 Review and analyze B.A.

Review the athlete than and analyze the appropriateness of the type of glycolysis they discussed.  Then, explain if you agree with the benefits of lactate identified for their chosen activity.  Support your reasoning with at least one scholarly source.

The phase and sport that I will be choosing is cycling phase of triathletes. This phase requires a lot of endurance and a constant flow of oxygen flowing through the body and he many systems involved in aerobic exercise. Considering that triathletes require long sustained burst of energy long glycosis is required. The body has to be constantly receiving both oxygen and glycogen. So because this is a long term exercise both carbohydrates and protein are being used to provide energy to the body. So as a result lactic acid is being produced. Cycling doesnt require explosive energy because the amount of time allotted for the exercise. Neither is any of he other phases of the triathlon. Also with endurance exercises is an increase in glucose catabolism. Glucose catabolism when the body uses stored fat for energy. Another physiological factor is lactate but it relies on energy from anaerobic exercise. 

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