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Wk 2 - Dis 1

What is unique about your peers’ selected study? How do the study findings contribute to the areas of anatomy and physiology or to your personal life and career? 100 words per response

The major role of our skeletal system is to protect such as our scull incases our brain protecting it and keeping it in place also our ribs are there to protect our lungs and heart. Also, our skeletal system is there to help us maintain balance and posture and it is essential to keeping us up and moving. The skeletal system also builds bloods cells in various locations for example the main sites of this happenings is the ilium, vertebra, sternum, and the ribs (Lippert 13).

The muscular system is there to help move your bones; your brain sends signal to your muscles telling them to tighten or loosen. I like to look at it this way in a guy’s point of view when operating a piece of an equipment such as an excavator “track hoe”, you are the brain of the machine when you want the arm to extend out you send a signal “in this case hydraulic fluid” through the lines to the muscle “hydraulic cylinder” to react. The muscular system work in much of the same way.

The study I have found was to compare three development methods on muscular strength and mass in healthy ageing woman. This study was performed with thirty-two healthy 62-75-year-old women and were randomly placed in three groups and committed to 4 sessions of the study exercise given. The first group (SC) was to climb up and down 300 stairs per session. The second group (ES) was to perform an electrostimulation on the quadriceps. The third group (SC+EC) was to perform electrostimulation combined with stair climbing (Paillard T. 2004)

The findings of the study were that these women all had increase in muscle strength, yet showed no noticeable increase in muscle mass.

The weakness of this study is it was only performed over a six-week period. I feel if this same study was held over a six-month period it would have had more noticeable data to record.

The study at hand relates to me as a younger guy in high school I attended the weight lifting team and always wanted to be bulkier. However, I worked out through high school and as my strength increased my physique did not I was still a skinny guy with a chiseled appearance but never acquired the bulkier look I wanted. So, in the study listed below I can see that the strengths of these younger (older) woman would increase yet their age and metabolism may play a different tune when it comes to an increase in muscle mass.

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